Your Supports

Your Supports – We are your helping hand

Your supports is a personalised service where participants have the choice of supports to engage with. We support independence and self-esteem by:

  • Being locally based

  • Providing a solution focused approach to service delivery

  • Tailoring support plans, specific to your needs

  • being flexible and innovative

  • providing access to our other service

Activities Booklet July 2018 Update

Your Home:  Domestic Support, cleaning, gardening & basic maintenance.   NDIS Item 

Your Assistance:  Support in daily life activities including personal care, meal preparation and community access.  NDIS Item

Your Community:  Community and centre based group activities and day outings providing social inclusion, choice and options.  NDIS Item

Your Skills:  Goal setting and planning for daily living and life education, decision making, finances, health and well being, relationships and friendships and sport and fitness.   NDIS Item

Your Transport:  Community based transport options to get you where you need to go.  Health and medical appointments, employment, education and training and leisure and social outings.  NDIS Item

Your Holiday:  Overnight trips, weekends away, local, interstate and overseas holidays as part of a group or as an individual.  NDIS Item

Your Leisure:  Weekend and evening social get together’s support by staff and volunteers; movies, dinners, shows and outings.   NDIS Item

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